"The current cold forming machine industry is affected by real estate, bank interest rate adjustment, etc., resulting in large product stagnation and weak market. Large enterprises are less affected because of their strong brand value support, but as small enterprises just starting out, a slight change in the market may cause them a big shock.

Small businesses are less able to resist risks

Although small businesses are easier to manage, their ability to resist risks is correspondingly weaker. During the 2008 financial crisis, a large number of small businesses around the world disappeared overnight. Although a large business is not as easy to manage as a small business, its only advantage is that it has a strong foundation and is not like a small business.

The cold forming machine industry is like such a small business. Of course, this does not mean that the cold forming machine business will always be a small business. Only with a bright future can it develop into a large enterprise with a huge foundation. There are so many multinational groups in the world today, weren't they also some little-known small enterprises? Therefore, whether a small company can develop into a large company has little to do with whether it is a small branch."

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