Innoprom Yekaterinburg 2023, Russia.

"ACU Machinery" achieved success and made breakthroughs in Innoprom Yekaterinburg exhibitions.

From July 10th to 13th, at the Russian International Industry Fair INNOPROM 2023, FOSHAN ACU Machinery achieved great success and breakthroughs with its excellent technology and innovative solutions. This exhibition is a grand gathering of leading companies in the machinery manufacturing industry worldwide, and ACU Machinery's brilliant performance has made people's eyes shine.

As a physical equipment manufacturer integrating R&D, processing, manufacturing, and sales, our company has brought many innovative products and advanced technologies, attracting the attention of many visitors. Our booth layout is simple and elegant, showing the functionality and efficiency of our products. The display of various mechanical equipment and professional solutions has attracted extensive attention from visitors.

Our company highlighted the latest research and development of fully automatic cold roll forming equipment during the exhibition. The equipment combines precision rolls and an automatic control system, which can be flexibly adjusted according to customer needs and achieve high-precision cold rolling processing. The equipment technology has been well received by customers, and many exhibitors have come to negotiate with our representatives.

Through participating in international exhibitions, our company has also established contacts with many well-known Russian companies to discuss cooperation opportunities.

Representatives of our company conducted in-depth exchanges with elites from all walks of life, and active discussions on technical cooperation and innovative cooperation provided new opportunities for the company's future development.

Sandy Guo, general manager of our company, said: "We are honored to be able to exhibit our products and technologies at the Russian International Industrial Fair. This exhibition has reopened the door to the international market for us and has achieved exciting results. We will continue to Strive to innovate and provide customers with high-quality products and services."

The successful participation and breakthrough of our company not only created new vitality for the company's future development but also demonstrated the strength of China's manufacturing industry on the international stage. Through the experience of the successful Russian International Industry Fair, our company will actively participate in industrial exhibitions around the world this year, so that the company can gain a broader development space in the global market!

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