Components of Inductive Forming Machine

The inductance forming machine is designed with full numerical control operation according to the customer's request, and the operation is simple and convenient. It can control the servo motor, the oil cylinder with proportional valve, and the air cylinder through the touch control screen and PLC, so as to complete the numerical control adjustment of product height, automatic coil feeding and discharging, automatic powder feeding, fine pressing, and synchronous maintenance of coil leads, etc.

Integral Molded Inductor Molded inductors include a magnet and a winding body. The magnet is die-cast by embedding the winding body into the metal magnetic powder. The inductor is designed for SMD structure, which will not damage the inductor during use, but also improve the production efficiency.

The induction forming machine adopts a four-column structure. The hydraulic cylinder is above the upper beam, and the cylinder axis and the forming die are connected by a quick-change hanging head. The cylinder axis is equipped with a displacement sensor, which can detect and control the stroke of the cylinder. The hydraulic system device has a pressure sensor, which can detect and control the forming force of the cylinder, monitor the pressure and displacement of the cylinder during forming, and can also be separated from the lower top servo system to complete the product forming action.

There is an automatic powder feeder mechanism in the middle of the equipment, including 4 stainless steel powder boxes. Each powder box is equipped with a pneumatic vibrator and a powder quantity sensor, which can monitor whether there is powder in the powder box and whether the powder falls into the powder chute smoothly. Each of the 4 powder boxes is equipped with an aluminum powder tank, and a linear oscillator is installed under each powder tank, so that the powder can enter the powder box on the mold. There is a powder up and down detection sensor on the top of the mold powder box of the equipment.

The powder feeding of the equipment mold is completed by the servo motor driving the fine ball screw module, the powder feeding is average and the efficiency is high. The bottom of the lower beam of the equipment is equipped with one set of stripping servo installation and one set of coil lead synchronous lifting servo installation. The stripping servo is equipped with a large stripping force of 4 and a stripping stroke of 50mm. Then drop the product out.

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