"The cold forming machine industry has not been separated from the home furnishing industry for a long time, so it is normal that the industry is currently in the role of a small business. As a small industry, the development speed is very fast at the beginning, and it exceeds the development speed of the large industry. However, the lack of a lasting standard for small industries has led to excessive and disorderly development, although the speed of development is a big benefit for the industry and the enterprise.

But as the saying goes: too much is too much. That is to say, if everything goes too far, then a good thing will turn into a bad thing. This is the current situation in the cold forming machine industry. The rapid development has led to a large increase in the number of cold forming machine companies for a while. The products in the cold forming machine market also appear to be uneven, including a lot of substandard products and fake and inferior products.

The development of enterprises is affected by changes in the market at any time, so the needs of enterprises have a sense of crisis. Especially for small and medium-sized enterprises, consumers pay little attention to them, and the brand has not been widely spread by the market.

Therefore, perseverance and innovation are particularly important for the development of enterprises. Due to the recent development and maturity of the cold forming machine industry, many small and medium-sized enterprises have emerged. On the one hand, it is the performance of the industry stage, and on the other hand, it also shows the trend of following the trend within the entire industry."

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