The structure of the molding machine

The structure of a paper pallet forming machine is composed of a guiding unit, a glue coating unit and a pressing unit. The glue coating unit includes a first roller and a second roller. The second roller is arranged at an upper position on one side of the first roller, and there is a gap between the second roller and the first roller to allow the glue to flow.

A glue accommodating space can be formed through the groove formed in the middle above the two rollers, so that the glue can be guided to the bottom side with the rotation of the two rollers. At least one hot-pressing roller is set at the rear of the two rollers, and the height of the hot-pressing roller can roll the horizontal and vertical sheets of the bottom layer of the paper pallet flat, and at the same time achieve the purpose of preheating the glue. As a result, the innovative design can be improved, the amount of glue can be saved, and the embedded state of each board of the paper pallet can be more stable.

The structure of a C-shaped mask forming machine is composed of a roll cloth tray placement rack and a forming machine. There are two cloth rolls arranged side by side in the front and rear of the cloth roll placement rack. When the cloth roll is conveyed, it is set across the upper and lower support rods set on the top of the front edge of the roll cloth placement rack. On the same side of the support rod, the There is a detection installation to detect whether the fabric can be delivered normally.

When the fabric straddles the support rod and is transported through the rear auxiliary wheel, the first welding wheel set, the first cutting wheel set, the first roller wheel set and the front auxiliary wheel, the fabric must be installed by turning The traveling direction is changed to a conveying state that is perpendicular to the machine table, and then guided by the guide rollers to the folded installation. The roller set, the second cutter wheel set and the fourth roller set have completed the manufacture of waste products, and finally the waste products are output through the conveyor installation, which can achieve the effect of quickly completing the connection operation of the C-shaped mask.

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