What should be paid special attention to before starting the cold forming machine? Cold bending machine, it may be very foreign to us. Is it the same as a cold bender? The above problems are all related to the cold forming machine, which we must understand and fully grasp. Since they are so important, we will give some basic introductions to them below, hoping that everyone can get some help and inspiration from them, so as to benefit from them.

The inspection before starting the cold forming machine mainly includes the following aspects:
Whether the joints are solid

  1. Whether there is looseness and whether each rotating part is sensitive
  2. Is there any jamming phenomenon?
  3. Whether the smoothness of the smooth parts of the equipment is good
  4. Whether the oil is sufficient
  5. Lubricating oil in each transmission gearbox
  6. Can it be above the oil gauge line? After the above inspection, start the slip motor to stop the no-load test run to check whether there is any abnormality. After the idling operation is completed, check whether the temperature rise of each rotating part is normal, whether there is oil leakage, etc., and whether the fasteners are fastened. If there is a problem, the cleaning process should be stopped in time. Although the cold bending machine and the cold bending machine are literally similar, there are still differences between the two and cannot be confused. The cold bending machine is mainly used to support the processing and manufacture of tunnel support steel arches, while the cold bending forming machine can be directly used in the assembly line. Therefore, their processing levels are different, and their partial emphasis is also different.
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