Do you want to know how the cold forming equipment should be used? The characteristics of the cold forming equipment are depicted above, which gives us a certain understanding and understanding of the machine equipment. But it is not enough for us to just understand these devices, we need to understand more about air-conditioning so that we can understand the field early and increase our knowledge.

Check the machine's power supply, oil pump, pressure gauge, relief valve, electro-hydraulic valve and jog switch. If it's normal there is no problem. Problems should be dealt with to ensure smooth operation of the machine. For jogging motors, the main thing is to see if the motor is spinning in the correct direction.

After checking the above, if there is no problem before starting the motor, adjust the hydraulic pressure to 10MPa, and then run the test for about three minutes. If there are no problems, you can officially start working. Equipment should be installed in the center of a solid base and tank. Remember to refuel and hydraulic oil before use, and then change it regularly.

To use the machine correctly, follow the specified requirements and observe the operating procedures and safe operating procedures. If there is no oil in the fuel tank, it is strictly forbidden to start the motor to avoid damage. The amount of oil in the tank should be sufficient. If the amount of oil is insufficient, it should be added in time. Equipment should be checked frequently to keep it in good condition. If the machine is not used for a long time, it should be rusted in advance to prevent the machine from rusting.

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